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Landscaping Side Dump Truck

The Ultimate Landscaper's Vehicle

In landscaping, handling all the debris is a problem. In most cases one would back up to a truck bed, tarp system or trailer with a rear dump mower and dump the clippings. At the end of the day (the hottest part of the day) the removal and dumping of gathered debris is required. A shovel is the tool of choice for that job.

The THEENERBuilt is a side dump truck that will allow the user to dump without unhooking from a trailer. The days of needing large crews to mow large properties is over. The THEENERBuilt debris removal system is designed to be used by one person. Click here to see it in action.

  • Benefits of the THEENERBuilt

    1. The ability to load debris from ground level into the truck without hand labor.
    2. Loading from the right side while parked at the curb.
    3. Unloading from the left side without unhooking from the landscape trailer (Using a scissor hoist).
    4. Completely enclosed body so that tarping is not required for transport.
    5. Easy operation using hydraulic over electric or truck wet kit.
    6. Rugged design requires little maintenance.

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  • One Man Job

  • one man landscape debris removal

    Mowing, loading debris, and unloading debris can be done quickly and efficiently by one person. This will save time and money.

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  • Testimonials

  • Innovative idea! The time is past when we are doing an estimate for a customer and have to figure out how many hands to use to clean-up grass clippings and lawn debris. Makes economic and operational sense!

    Tom G Supervisor for large regional landscape contractor

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