About THEENERBuilt

Why I Created the THEENERBuilt

I am in the landscape maintenance business and have been for the last 12 years.

All my customers require that I pick up lawn clippings. A large rear-dump mower can produce a large amount of lawn debris in a day without much effort. Some days I can produce as much as 20 yards of lawn debris. What to do with those clippings after they are in the mower is the question. I figured there had to be a better way than to dump them on the ground then throw them in a truck. Handling them twice or three times is stupid. It takes a lot of extra labor to do that plus just the hassle in a long day. Why have the capacity of a large expensive commercial mower reduced to the capacity of a scoop shovel.

Also by integrating the side dump function with the side load function the debris can be shifted to the right side or dumped from the body off the right side. Also this eliminates the need to go through the tedious practice of un-hooking and re-hooking to a trailer when dumping the debris. Also I have been ticketed for not tarping. With this body the need for tarping is eliminated.The cost of labor is going up. The cost of hiring a person is more than the normal hourly pay. If you have some good people why not use them properly instead of wearing them out doing an un-needed process. Keep your good people. Cut down on turn-over. This body will easily pay for itself in the short term and long term in landscape maintenance operations.

Mark Theener
President of TheenerBuilt