Side Dump Truck - TESTIMONIALS

What people are saying about the THEENERBuilt:

We bought one of the earlier truckbeds with the theenerbuilt design and was so happy with it we decided to have one installed on a fifth wheel trailer for our lawn care business. It pays for itself in labor saved.

Rob and Laurie P (Jerome, Idaho)

I bought a used one of these truck beds when I started my business and would not go without it. It's much cheaper and more reliable than a hi-lift dumper plus it un-loads.

Ken B Burley, Idaho

Innovative idea! The time is past when we are doing an estimate for a customer and have to figure out how many hands to use to clean-up grass clippings and lawn debris. Makes economic and operational sense!

Tom G Supervisor for large regional landscape contractor

I worked for an outfit that used one of these truck beds and we could do a lot more with less help.

Bruce J Nampa, Idaho

Using one of these beds is like having high-speed internet and everybody else is using dial-up.

Skyeler T Meridian, Idaho

I had some physical problems last year and would not have been able to do business without this truckbed. Saved my business and saved me money. Didn't have to hire any help.

Lowell B Rupert, Idaho

I was impressed by the design work and the thought that went into the truck bed. They thought of everything. Good people to work with too.

Tal T Treasure Valley, Idaho

What a relief it is not to have to load all that stuff by hand. I can do a lot more work in a day using this truck bed.

Brock T Meridian, Idaho

One of these truck beds dumps at our facility. He's in and out before the other guy un-hooks his trailer to dump. We like that. Less traffic congestion

Ladonna K Meridian Transfer Station Superviser